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Full Moon Forecast for April

Hey Cosmic Forecast members. We're so excited that you're here and this full moon in April of 2021 is a biggie...

I've had to give you an addendum to the cosmic forecast and let you know that, this particular full moon is about releasing all of those penned up energies, pent up things from the past months and really falling into the good of what is come and stepping in after you fall in and stepping forward and stepping forward and stepping forward.

The key is to not step back.

And the other part of this full moon is to ensure that you hydrate! Oh my goodness, you need to thoroughly hydrate and reengage your body with water. This particular full moon has a lot to do with water, which has a lot to do with emotions. And we need to clean up our emotions. For those of you who are Energy Mastery® grads, you know what that means, and I'd love to have you join us on our journey in the next cosmic forecast. See you soon.

The May Forecast releases soon. 

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