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About The Cosmic Weather Report...

The person who is equipped with solid information, and stays focused will get a lot further than those who wander aimlessly. That's what the Cosmic Weather Report is all about. 

In these concise reports, you'll receive important insight about the most important happenings in the unseen world. When I say concise, I mean it. If you're expecting 15 or 20 minutes of rambling, this is not for you. 

Listen every day, or use the printed transcript to review, reflect, and see how this information and energy is showing up in your life. The report is the purest of the pure, and focused on helping you discover what's relevant to YOU. 

The Most Valuable Skillset In the World

If you follow these instructions, and make a daily practice of tapping into this information and energy, you will develop your own skills in discerning energy and understanding how it impacts our lives and world. 

In fact, you'll be invited to share your own reports throughout the month and be part of an ongoing discussion in our forum.

How to use the report...

Revisit the report daily. Use the points of reflection, and others that come up for you to reveal all of the treasures the energy of this month has to offer. 

Create a journal for your daily reflections and insights. Even just a few minutes each day inquiring will increase your awareness of the current energy. 

Pay attention to how these ideas and energies are showing up in your life day by day. As your awareness increases, you'll have access to a whole new set of choices you would have never seen before. 

Participate in the Forum with questions and insights. You never know who will benefit from your question, or whose share will illuminate your path. This is the power of community, but it only works if you participate. 

Use the Divine Aspects and Monthly Meditations to guide you, and clean up old energies for more rapid healing and transformation on your Enlightened path. 

Invite friends. The more the merrier. We totally get that this isn't for everyone. It's for people who really want the real deal and are willing to do their work to get the good stuff. There are so very few of us, and when we can all connect in one place with a common intention, that's when we can truly make a powerful and beautiful shift in our world. 

Do You Have the Information You Need to Navigate the New Age? 

Learn why most psychics and readers are dead wrong about what's coming and setting innocent people up for struggle...

This one-of-a-kind monthly report delivers...
  • A concise report on the current conditions of the energy in our country and world
  • Insights on the collective consciousness influencing our world right now, and what you need to do to stay clear of negative influences
  • Specific energetic patterns that may affect business and commerce
  • Insight on finding your rhythm in this new cycle of evolution
  • Vital practices to keep you safe and prosperous

Learn how you can get yours today...