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Ep. 30: FAQ's About the Spiritual Journey

If you've been on the spiritual journey for even a little while, you've probably asked one of these questions...  

"When will I ever be done with all of this?"

The short answer is that you won't, but that doesn't mean it has to be an endless drudgery. Sheevaun shares her favorite tip for keeping things light. 

"I should already be over this!" 

This is a trap that sets you up to keep repeating negative patterns. Find out what that happens and what you can do to change it. 

"Will it ever get easier?!" 

You probably won't like the answer to this, but hear us out because it will mean the difference between constantly struggling and walking light and free. Which would you prefer? 

"I wish I could just get it all done at once!"

Hmmm....Are you SURE about that? Sheevaun shares a shocking story about this that will make you think twice. 

We hope you enjoy this episode especially for all of the lifetime spiritual travelers and friends. 

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