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Ep. 21 - What Happens When You Miss Your Path

How many times have you put off something really important, and knew you shouldn't have? "I'll get to it later," you say while you continue about your business. "It's not that important," you lie. 

Inside, your brain goes numb with clutter; you know you missed your chance, and it's not the first time. 

Part of you knows the path and the choices to be made, yet why is to so hard to listen? And more importantly, what is this REAL cost of missing your path? 

Listen in to discover why it's often hard to make the choices even after you know what you need to do? And what happens to your brain, your body, your emotions and your relationships when you fail to follow through. 

Then join us over in Enlightened Living™ to continue the conversation and stay on track.


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