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Ep. 25 - Lies of the Chakra System

OK, so this episode is a little bit of a rant, because most people's understanding of chakras and the energetic system are way outdated, and SUPER confusing! Solving health challenges with outdated systems is kind of like like trying to surf our modern day internet with a dial-up connection, it's going to take a loooonnnng time to get where you want to go, and will likely be a little confusing and frustrating! 

Energy healing is the ORIGINAL medicine, and even though the concepts are ancient, the techniques and understanding we utilize need to be updated just like anything! 

There is a lot more the energetic system than 6 or 7 chakras, and all the little bits and pieces are important! We're in a new age, it's time for an upgrade. 

Ready for your upgrade? 

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