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Ep. 35: Shifting the Timeline | Ask Sheevaun Part 5

"What's one thing that you can lead for, for everyone that, that would be the way to help accelerate the, that that shift or, or that timeline?..."

Join us for this Episode on Shifting the Timeline. This is the 5th of this 5-part series on Ask Sheevaun with Yanik Silver.

What is Energy Mastery®? Energy Mastery® is THE Premier Worldwide Certification Program for Energy Medicine, Energy Healing, Energy Hygiene & Soul Connection

Energy Mastery® is a school to help the empaths, sensitives, healers to have burned out, high achievers who are more interested in their sensitive sides to help their businesses grow and be better leaders. It is also for people who are sick of being sick and want to learn how to heal themselves with a process that has been taught to over a hundred thousand students and is proven to work.

A class is offered by a certified instructor who has taken their training seriously enough to want to share with the world. The advanced classes are taught by the founder herself, Sheevaun Moran, as she’s profoundly adept at energy, healing, transformation, clairvoyance and all things a highly sensitive soul would want to achieve while growing a movement.

If you want to take a deeper dive or are just curious, go to


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