5 Secrets to End Stress, Illness, Disease, and Mental and Spiritual Unrest

Welcome to 5 Secrets to End Stress, Illness, Disease, and Mental and Spiritual Unrest

You’re about to embark on valuable insights into your health, exploring the seen and unseen aspects. Through the basics in this course, you can make huge improvements in the health of every aspect of your life: physical, mental, emotional, relationships, financial, and spiritual.

Get your notebook out, be super receptive to what good can show up, and be ready to jump in... shall we?

What’s the first thing you notice when you see someone with vibrant health?

  • Their energy (vibes).
  • Their bright, clear eyes.
  • They usually have a sense of ease about them.
  • Nothing ever seems to get them down.
  • You might even find yourself saying, “That person just has really good energy.”

Maybe you’ve noticed a deeper truth in that little last statement.

What really is ‘Good Energy?’

The words we used above would be a good place to start. Bright. Clear. Easy. Resilient. You can see it in their eyes. Presence. Sparkle. Vitality. Creativity.

Do you feel or see that you have those qualities yourself? Well, you must to some degree. Maybe not as bright or shiny as you’d like. Fact is they are there or else you wouldn’t be alive.

The real question you want to get answers for is... “How do I get more of this ‘Good Energy’?”

Or, "What can I do to let more of it shine?"

First, which one of these sounds most like you?

  • Feeling fatigued, exhausted, or run down.
  • You know how important it is to take care of yourself, but you just never seem to have “enough time” and you wind up feeling drained and depleted.
  • You’re relying on coffee or stimulants.
  • Your mind and body seem sluggish and it takes longer to bounce back.
  • You’re getting headaches more frequently.
  • You’re not sleeping as well as you’d like.
  • You don’t seem to recover as quickly as you used to. You might even be feeling worried about how long you’re going to be able to keep up your current pace.
  • You’ve tried many different solutions to get vitality, and they’ve helped a little, but nothing seems to last, and you’re concerned about where you’ll wind up if something doesn’t shift soon.

The good news is that no matter where you are, when you know how to work with energy, you can get right to the heart of the matter and solve the issue immediately. Stay with me and use the tools and techniques in the following lessons to begin the process.

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You have the start of a system you can use in your life every day to create bright, vibrant and resilient health for yourself.

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Getting to the Heart of the Matter

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The Energy of Money

Channeling Your Spiritual Energy