Course Summary

Energy Yoga with Nicole Castka

Practice Energy Yoga to Clean, Restore, and Harness Your Energy

There is a lot more to yoga than physical postures. With the right yoga practice and proper intentions, you can give your energy body a deep cleanse, restore lost and stagnant energy reserves, and harness that energy for vibrant health, happiness, clarity, and productivity.

Here's how Energy Yoga Works...

Energetic Cleanse

Beyond the physical layers of the body, there is an intricate energetic system underlying it all, kind of like the electrical system in your home, bringing power to all the areas you need to to run all the things that make your life easier.

Through intelligent energetic sequencing, and clear intention, you'll be able to release blockages on all levels of your system more efficiently than ever. 

Restore Your Energy Reserves

Feeling scattered or overwhelmed with everything going on? Running at breakneck speed trying to keep up with the speed of life?

Energy Yoga resets your brain and neurological system so you can have more clarity and focus. Emotionally, you can release the toxic buildup of a stressful world. And spiritually, you can easily reconnect with your higher guidance and intuition. 

Harness Your Energy

Your energy will be more clean and clear. You'll feel more healthy and vibrant. So, what will you do with all that energy? 

Focusing this energy makes you a force for good in your world, and makes life a lot more fun. 

Energy Yoga brings all of these elements together for ultimate healing, restoration, happiness, productivity, and so much more. Join Certified Energy Mastery® Instructor Nicole Castka for this 5-week journey. 

Meet Your Yoga Teacher, Nicole Castka

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Nicole Castka is a practicing criminal defense trial attorney, a certified Energy Mastery® work facilitator/instructor and an E-RYT-500 certified yoga teacher trained in the vinyasa style of yoga through both Yoga Shelter and Source Movement Yoga. She has been a voracious student of yoga since 2002 and has been teaching in the metro-Detroit area since 2011.

Her teaching is specialized in the areas of: Family Yoga, Gentle Flow, Partner Yoga, PreTeen Yoga, Slow Flow, VinYin, Yin Yoga and Yoga Nidra. She has taught amazing workshops and classes at the Sanlan RV Park in Lakeland, Florida; Paradisea Aerial Dance in Niagara-On-The-Lake, Ontario; the Sedona Yoga Festival in Sedona, Arizona; MI Yoga Fest in Vanderbilt, Michigan and the Lole` White Tour in both New York City and Toronto.

Nicole creates a safe and comfortable space for her students through her unique use of humor, theme, energy and music that allows her students to journey into realms of inward reflection, deep peace and energetic renewal.

Energy Yoga Classes

Energy Yoga Class Week 5
Week 5 Energy Yoga Class
Energy Yoga Class Week 4
Week 4 Energy Yoga Class
Energy Yoga Class Week 3
Week 3 Energy Yoga Class
Week 2 Energy Yoga Class
Week 1 Energy Yoga Class


Energy Yoga Meditation Week 5
Week 5 Meditation
Energy Yoga Meditation Week 4
Week 4 Meditation
Energy Yoga Meditation Week 3
Week 3 Meditation
Week 2 Meditation
Week 1 Meditation